aqueous guard 30ml optivate ceramic coating for paintwork
optivate ceramic coating being applied to vw beetle
optivate ceramic coating application on vw beetle
optivate ceramic coating application on vw beetle
water beading after applying optivate ceramic coating
aqueous guard optivate ceramic kit
Optivate Premium Ceramic Coating Kit for Paintwork

Optivate Premium Ceramic Coating Kit for Paintwork

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Ceramic protection has never been easier! With our simple wipe on and buff off ceramics, you can quickly protect your car for 3 years or more!

Key features:


  • Protection against UV, Acid Rain, Bird Lime, Exhaust Staining, Dirt & Contaminants
  • Forms a covalent bond giving a highly durable finish
  • Makes cleaning super easy due to its smooth finish
  • Prevents contaminants from binding to the surface 
  • High gloss
  • Simple Application
  • Hydrophobic and Oleophobic (repels water and oils)
  • Full paintwork Kit includes prep fluid, cloths, ceramic and applicator pads
  • Can be applied to Matt and Gloss surfaces (perform a patch test on Matt surface first)
  • Can last longer than 100,000km (62,000 miles) when maintained correctly (regular cleaning)

    The coating has been known to last even longer, with many of our customers' vehicles showing the beading effect even 5 years after application!

    Kit Includes:

    • Optivate ceramic (either 30ml for standard sized cars or 50ml for larger cars)
    • Prep fluid 150ml
    • Microfibre cloths x 2
    • Microfibre applicator pads (x 3 with 50ml / x 1 with 30ml)
    • Pair of latex gloves

    Directions for use: 

    1. Ensure the paint surface has been properly cleaned and dried, and free from any contaminants.

    2. Degrease the paintwork surface using the Prep Fluid and microfibre cloths.

    3.  Add a few drops of Optivate to the applicator pad.

    4. Working on one panel at a time, apply in a cross hatch method (horizontally, then vertically), ensuring a full even coverage. 

    5. Allow approximately 1-2 minutes until a rainbow appearance can be seen (if you notice a rainbow effect quickly after applying then apply further product to the area before moving to step 6).

    6. Gently buff the rainbow excess using a clean microfibre cloth (you will see a further rainbow effect appearing).

    7. Take a second clean microfibre cloth and gently buff until a clear, rainbow and smear free finished is achieved (the key here is to not buff too hard but simply to remove any signs of rainbow and/or smears only). 

    Allow the coating to cure for a minimum of 4 hours before using the vehicle again. Ideal curing is 24 hours if practical.

    NOTE: Do not apply in direct sunlight, rain, high winds, temperatures below 5°c or above 40°c.
    If any product is accidentally applied to an area you have not meant to, immediately buff off with a clean dry microfibre cloth.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Domagoj Poljak

    Great product and easy to apply, I’m very satisfied!

    Autoshine Cumbernauld
    Optivate Premium Ceramic Coating

    Let’s say I’m used to other brands in the marketplace so had a chat with Aqueos and purchased the Optivate Ceramic Coating. Easy to apply, super slick finish and high gloss levels. Customer was stunned and immediately booked in their 2nd car. Nuff said!

    Great Shine

    I had my Range Rover coated with Optivate, it looks great, very easy to clean and genuinely keeps the car cleaner for longer! Great Product, would highly recommend.

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