BIO-TEX Protect Application Guide

Always read label / box before use.
• The material to be coated should be clean, chemical free and 100% dry prior to the application of BIO-TEX Protect.
• Aqueous Guard® BIO-TEX Protect is used undiluted. The amount to be applied depends to a large extent on how absorbent the material is and should be tested in advance. All equipment and containers must be clean and dry prior to application.
• BIO-TEX Protect should not come into contact with water before or during application.
• Shake bottle well before use.
• BIO-TEX Protect should be applied by coating the surface so that it is wet but not saturated and remains wet (both sides if coating clothing for example) for a minimum of 30 seconds. For leather surfaces the coating can be applied to a clean microfibre cloth and then buffed into the leather. All application devices for liquids are suitable (E.g. pump up sprayers, airless spray guns, HVLP-High Volume Low Pressure). The material must not be atomised.
• BIO-TEX Protect should be applied by spraying the material evenly.
• Once applied BIO-TEX Protect can be left to soak into the fabric. For leather surfaces the coating can be buffed into the leather after 30 seconds of the surface being wet removing any excess product from the surface.
• BIO-TEX Protect can also be used on production lines by low pressure spraying.
• We recommend that a test patch in an inconspicuous area is done before full application of this product as a slight colour change may occur.
• BIO-TEX Protect requires 24 hours for full curing to achieve best stain repellent properties. Antimicrobial properties are present once the surface is touch dry. Drying can be sped up using warm air / air movement.