Aqueous Guard team

   The company behind the shine, Revolutionary Protective Solutions (RPS). Founded in 2012 in Kent, the goal was to create ‘best in class’ protective coatings for a host of industries including automotive, rail, construction, aviation and that most challenging of environments - marine.

It took more than three years of research, development and field testing before the first of the coatings was introduced to the market with impressive results across a range of applications, including the opportunity to prove the product’s worth on the world’s most elite and fastest cars.

Fast forward to 2021 we have now developed a custom range of premium detailing products all now available to purchase online. This includes our flagship ceramics that have been specially engineered for ease of application, providing a premium protective finish to your vehicle.

To add to this, in 2019 we launched a range of antimicrobial coatings which the majority of can be purchased online. For our specialist ceramic antimicrobial technology or for further information please visit www.Aqueous-Shield.com

To date, tens of thousands of ceramic bottles have been sold under our private label sales, and applied to some of the world's most prestigious vehicles.

Aqueous Guard® offers exciting opportunities through a variety of distribution and resale programmes. Please contact us for more details.

RPS also provides a private label service for the wholesale and development of cleaning, protection and detailing products including custom ceramic formulations. If you are looking to start your own brand or require custom products please visit www.r-p-solutions.com