Optivate Premium Ceramic Coating Application Guide

Please read safety information on the label / box prior to use.
Step 1 - Environment
As with all Aqueous Guard® products, they should be applied in a clean, dry
environment with no rain forecast for a minimum 6-hour period if application
is outside. If strong winds are present we recommend coating does not take
place due to the coating flashing off too quickly.
AVOID APPLYING IN DIRECT SUN LIGHT, where possible. For the Silk it should be applied in an ambient temperature above 5°C and no
higher than 40°C. This temperature range also applies to the surface
temperature of the substrate and temperature must stay within these
parameters for a minimum of 4 hours following application. 
Step 2 - Surface Preparation

The surface must be fully cleaned and dried prior to use in order for the ceramic to adhere.  Wash and dry the car thoroughly, then use Aqueous Guard® Prep Fluid to ensure there is no grease or residue on the surface.
Polishing may be required to remove any swirl marks and light scratched prior to application to provide the best results.

1. Start by wiping the entire surface to decontaminate and remove any
waxes / silicones.
2. Use a dry wipe / soft cloth to remove the excess fluid, creating a clean,
contaminant free, dry surface.
3. If a cloth becomes dirty / black replace with a fresh cloth.
4. With this process you are looking to thoroughly clean and decontaminate
the surfaces to be treated to ensure a complete bonding
of the Aqueous Guard® product.
5. It is important that the finish of the surface at this point is to the clients’
satisfaction. If not, then full polishing/detailing of the surface will need to
be carried out and then processes 1-4 above will need to be repeated.
Step 3 -
1. Take a fresh application pad and dampen with a few drops of ceramic until it
is wet, but not dripping.
2. Coat one area or up to 2 square metres at a time, ensuring on each
panel to work horizontally, then vertically, for an even spread of product
(also known as cross-hatching).
3. The area should look wet and have a rainbow appearance after approximately 2-3 minutes.
4. A rainbow effect should appear after approximately 2 to 4 minutes. Do not leave on for more than 5 minutes. Take a clean microfibre cloth and go back to the point where coating started, and gently buff the excess residue with a clean and dry microfibre cloth, until a streak free finish is achieved.

6. Use a second micro fibre cloth for complete residue removal for a quality
7. Once you have finished buffing, repeat the process on the other areas
of the surfaces to be coated continuing as above.

TIP – If the product has been left on for too long and is difficult to remove and create a nice shine, re-wet the area with an application pad and instantly buff to a shine with a microfibre cloth. Do not allow to cure with streaks and rainbows!