aqueous guard wheel wash fast acting wheel cleaner
aqueous guard wheel wash fast acting wheel cleaner
aqueous guard wheel wash fast acting wheel cleaner

Wheel Wash Fast Acting Wheel Cleaner

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Wheel Wash is a wheel cleaner that is safe on most wheel types and suitable for both regular maintenance and deep cleaning. The product combines non-caustic alkalinity and high strength sequestrants to bind to and dissolve break dust, and break down traffic film and soiling. The product provides exceptional cleaning power, is highly concentrated and a high level of safety for both user and vehicle. It will not strip Last Stage Protection (LSP), when used at the recommended dilution.

Main Features:

  • Dilutable
  • Good Cleaning Power
  • Safe on Sensitive Finishes
  • Non-Acidic
  • Non-Caustic 

How to use: 

Safe to use on all painted, chrome, clear coated, and powder coated alloy wheel finishes; we recommend a spot test to check suitability on bare polished aluminium and anodised finishes or when using neat. 

1. For best results, pressure wash wheels prior to use.
2. Spray on to the surface; use neat or dilute as required with up to 10 parts water, dependant upon levels of soiling.
3. Agitate area to remove stubborn contamination; for a superior clean we recommend using our detailing brushes.
4. Rinse off thoroughly with water.

NOTE: Wheel Wash should not be applied to hot surfaces, in direct sunlight or allowed to dry on the surface; therefore care should be taken in warm conditions. If vehicle has been recently used, allow to cool down before applying


Our plastic bottles are made from PET plastic which is completely recyclable, and is the most recycled plastic in the world.

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