Detailing Brush Set
aqueous guard detailing brush being used on bmw m4 badge
aqueous guard detailing brush being used on bmw m4
Detailing Brush Set

Detailing Brush Set

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Soft but effective brushes designed to get into all the ‘nooks and crannies’. The Aqueous Guard detailing brush set is a must-have tool for any detailer or car enthusiast. With a variety of 5 different sizes rushes for cleaning wheels, engine, interior, emblems, exterior and Air Vents and is perfect for using to gently remove bird lime without damaging the vehicles paintwork.

Made from durable plastics, with a hole at the end of the handles so that they can be hung up to dry, and a handy zip-lock bag to keep them in.


  • 20mm, 20cm length
  • 24mm, 21.5cm  length
  • 28mm, 22.5cm  length
  • 32mm, 23cm length
  • 36mm, 23.5cm length

Warning – do not use on car engine whilst still hot! Please allow to cool down before using these brushes.

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