aqueous guard clarity glass polish
aqueous guard clarity glass polish and microfibre cloth
aqueous guard clarity glass polish being applied to microfibre cloth
aqueous guard clarity glass polish being applied to glass windowscreen
aqueous guard clarity glass polish being used on glass windowscreen
Clarity Glass Polish

Clarity Glass Polish

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Clarity is a water-based glass polish, utilising cerium oxide, that will restore your windows back to their former glory by removing minor scratches.
It quickly removes acid rain spots, bird lime, calcium and salt deposits as well as stubborn stains and minor scratches.
Clarity glass polish can be applied by hand or by machine.
When it's time for you to impress, use Aqueous Guard® Vision Ceramic for windows and headlamps for protection.

Main Features:

- Water based
- Hand or Machine Applied
- Cerium Oxide Compound
- Removes Staining from Acid Rain, Bird Lime, Calcium & Salt Deposits
- Number of uses: One litre will get 10 - 15 cars' use

Directions for use:

If applying by hand, apply to a soft microfibre cloth and using circular motions buff over the glass to be polished until a clear finish is achieved.

If applying by machine, ensure appropriate glass polishing pads are used and ensure not too much pressure is applied on the machine and the glass. Keep the polisher moving at all times with repeat passes over the area and minimal pressure for best results.


Our plastic bottles are made from PET plastic which is completely recyclable, and is the most recycled plastic in the world.

Customer Reviews

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Simon Wood
Like a new screen!

Used on my 2 year old screen and took out nearly all the (annoying) blemishes you only see when the sun hits. Really pleased. Took a couple of applications as it is not aggressive, but well worth the time and effort.

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