Bottle of Aqueous Guard Bubble blast premium pH neutral car shampoo
aqueous guard bubble blast on bmw m4
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Aqueous Guard Bubble blast pH neutral car shampoo on honda civic

Bubble Blast pH Neutral Premium Shampoo

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Stop cleaning your car with that old soap and start making it a blast!

The great smell of the fruity Bubble Blast Car Shampoo makes cleaning your car enjoyable and easy. This product is PH neutral and safe for all exterior vehicle surfaces including painted vehicles. Stop struggling back and forth with sudsy water, and apply this amazing shampoo so you can go full-blast with the power of bubbles!

Main Features:

- Concentrated formula
- Neutral pH
- High Foam Formulation
- Streak & Spot Free
- Silicone free
- Cherry Fragrance

How to use:

Pour 10-20ml (2-4 caps) into a 10 litre bucket of water and agitate with a clean wash mitt or pressure washer. 

Shampoo your car from the top down. 

Thoroughly rinse clean. Do not allow to dry on the surface and avoid washing in direct sunlight.


Our plastic bottles are made from PET plastic which is completely recyclable, and is the most recycled plastic in the world.

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